Courageous Leadership

Sonia McDonald is a woman on a bold mission. Her mission is to create communities of courageous, authentic leaders who inspire, encourage, give hope and in turn bring out the best in others.

Sonia McDonald develops the skills, confidence and leadership of middle and executive managers.

She works with individual clients to develop their authentic leadership, gain recognition and promotion. Businesses and organizations who work with Sonia have the added benefit of higher staff retention, improved performance through teamwork and an overall more profitable bottom line.

Sonia Mcdonald

Work With Sonia

Best Speaking program in Brisbane


Sonia will give you peace of mind when booking a speaker.  She is a proven world-class professional speaker with the skills to “rock an audience”.  

Best Leadership program by Sonia McDonald in Brisbane


Sonia has been levelling up corporate leaders for decades and can help you take your leadership to the next level.

High Quality Leadership Coaching program in Brisbane and Melbourne


Leadership Coaching is a very personal journey. See if you and Sonia can take this journey together by completing the attached questionnaire.

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The Promise

We are all born potential leaders.

Sonia will inspire, empower and create courageous conversations

She will help authentic leaders reach their potential. 

She will develop leaders who create safe working environments.

Her leaders lead people who leave work smiling each day. 


Leadership – Lead from the heart. Do it, don’t tell it. Lead authentically.

Brave – Own your unique voice. Stand Tall. Be you.

Kindness – Simply, be Kind.

Resilience – Stretch yourself. Bend don’t break. Bounce back.

Inspiration – Be inspiring each and every day. Step into your greatness. Just Rock it!

Sense of fun – Laugh hard and laugh often. Have fun.


“Sonia’s book brings refreshing clarity to many of the questions around what makes an effective leader. It’s the kind of book that can and should be referred to time and again, providing practical, well-researched tips and tools based on Sonia’s own extensive knowledge and experiences. It’s a perfect read for when you need a reality check on what it takes to be a good leader. Great for that plane trip too – when you need a refresher on all things leadership! ”

Samantha KennerleyCEO, Youngcare

“Sonia’s practical approach to leadership is honest and refreshing. A truly inspiring book for today’s leaders!”

Paul MilesCEO, BUSY At Work

“Sonia has been a highly engaging executive coach helping me to unlock superior levels of performance from my team, working with me on my leadership style to drive a highly engaged and motivated employee culture. She is 100% focused on her client, genuinely and authentically helping them to achieve outstanding results and help them perform at their best.”

Jaime Burnell

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Leadership Attitude

ONLY $28.00

Leadership is not a position description – it is a behaviour and an attitude.

Sonia brings her vast knowledge and experience working with leaders from all walks of life to take you on the leardership journey – which turns out to be – being yourself!

best leadership book in melbourne and brisbane

Just Rock It!

ONLY $28.00

Sonia urges you to stop the excuses. Step up with gusto. Envision your life in full colour, with a soaring soundtrack and go farther than you ever dreamed.

You will find simple strategies, wisdom and boundless encouragement to help you break through fear so you achieve those BIG visions pulling at you.

best leadership planner book in Brisbane and Melbourne by Sonia McDonald

The Leadership Planner

ONLY $4.99 (RRP $49.99)!

140 pages of amazing content!

Stacks of motivation and inspiration.

Three months of daily task and goal setting plus much more!

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