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4 Skills That Make Up Courage

Leadership isn’t easy; it’s much easier to read or talk about than it is to actually do. This is why courage is essential for being an effective leader. When you’re a leader you have to be accountable, do what you believe is right even if others don’t agree,  have difficult conversations, appear (and be) brave […]

Get Your Brave On With These 20 Quotes

You may have noticed by now that I’m all about being courageous, whether it’s in your leadership, career or other areas of your life. It’s those who dare to be different, who are brave enough to do what is right, not just what is easy, that change the world. There are so many wonderfully inspirational […]

Clear is Kind

Telling a little white lie here and there in a friendship isn’t necessarily a bad thing – after all, we don’t want to hurt our friends’ feelings, right? It’s much kinder to say you do like their new hairstyle, even if you think it’s unflattering…isn’t it? Wrong. I’m here to tell you why being clear […]

7 Laws of Kindness

My mantra is to always be a Brave and Kind Leader and empower brave and kind leaders around me and across the world. Research had shown that Kindness is a strength for leaders and that being kind makes us happier and our employees more productive! My 7 laws for being a kind leader – Kindly […]

15 Everyday Acts of Courage

There are so many different types and ways to be courageous. My favourite story is one of a young lady who was battling severe anxiety and depression due to bullying at school. She left school at 14 and spent time in and out of hospital for three years. One evening it took a lot of […]

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7 Ways to be a Great Leaders

It seems that just about anyone can be given the title of ‘leader’ these days, doesn’t it? But you know what I say about leadership being an attitude, not a title? It’s all too true. Great leaders are not just leaders because of their position, but because of their attitude. These leaders also have other […]

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9 Tips for Feeling Less Overwhelmed and Exhausted

No matter what our personal or professional lives involve, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted happens to each and every one of us at many points in our lives. If you ask a group of people at any given moment if they feel overworked, you’ll see plenty of hands go up. I bet yours probably would, too! […]

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7 Laws for Improving Your Quality of Life

The standards you set for yourself are what make up your quality of life. Your expectations of responsibility, love, personal development, happiness and values are what guides you through life, and make it or break it. Do you want to be living the best life you can, or will you waste it by not expecting […]

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These 5 Questions will truly help your Personal Growth

Self-reflection is key to personal growth. You won’t ever improve or reach your goals if you don’t look at yourself and your actions in depth. You may not know what to ask yourself, so I’ve put together 5 questions for you to answer. If you’re honest in your answers, you’ll learn a lot about yourself […]

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The 10 Things All Top CEO’s Do

One of my favourite sayings (as you’ve probably noticed) is ‘Leadership is an Attitude, not a Title’. This rings true for anyone in a leadership role, especially those in the position of CEO. Just having that title isn’t enough to make you an effective and successful CEO – so what does? Here’s a list of […]