leadership learning
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Why Learning is Critical to Great Leadership

As a leader, you are who people in your organisation look to for guidance, and this means you’re also a big influence on the tone and culture of your workplace. With the almost constant changes to technology, business climate and the…
courageous conversations
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Courageous Conversations Makes You a Better Leader

Why improving leadership communication skills for maximum impact during difficult conversations makes you a better a leader. You’ve probably heard the term ‘Courageous Conversations’ in your business circles, and you may be wondering…
courageous leadership
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Courageous Leadership Course and Program

I am on a mission to build a world of courageous leaders and leadership (remember Leadership is an Attitude and Mindset). Coaching clients to reach their potential and become the best leader possible and make an impact is my mission. Therefore…
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You don’t have to be a "Leader" to have a Coach

Asking for a Coach is truly courageous. Yesterday I was speaking with someone who said they had wanted to reach out to me about coaching however they felt it was just for leaders or executives. In turn, they felt working with me was unattainable.…
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