courageous conversations
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7 Courageous Conversations You Might Need to Have

Following on from my 7 Laws of Courageous Leadership and Courageous Conversations Make You a Better Leader blogs, I decided to delve deeper into Courageous Conversations and put together some examples of these conversations that you,…
leadership learning
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Why Learning is Critical to Great Leadership

As a leader, you are who people in your organisation look to for guidance, and this means you’re also a big influence on the tone and culture of your workplace. With the almost constant changes to technology, business climate and the…
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7 Laws of Productivity

My 7 Laws blogs have become pretty popular, so I’ve written another one on my 7 Laws of Productivity. This is something I sometimes struggle with because it’s easy to let all the distractions that exist in the world today take your focus…
Tall Poppy Syndrome
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Let's Squash Tall Poppy Syndrome

Tall Poppy Syndrome is what we call it when a person becomes successful and that success is visible to others, who become jealous of what that person has achieved and begins to discredit and undermine them. It happens all the time, and you’ve…
Resilience in Business
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Neuroscience of Fear - Tips to Overcome Fear

Have you ever felt fear? Many leaders pretend they are incredibly controlled, resilient and confident. The perceived ideal image is for them to show that they do not feel fear. Want to know the truth? I have never met anyone who doesn't…
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