Leadership Programs

Leadership Programs by Sonia Mcdonald, JUST ROCK IT is the best leading book for Leadership Programs.

Broad View of Your Leadership Programs Inclusions

Month 1 | Your Personal 90 Minute Leadership Programs and Executive Alignment Session

Month 1 | Immersion Session to teach you the fundamentals for the first 3 months of your program plus Goal Setting around Leadership, Board and Career.

Month 1 | Leadership 360 and LinkedIn Profile Assessment

Months 2-12 | 1 x 60 Minute Personalised Coaching Face to Face or Zoom with Sonia

Months 2 – 12 | 1 x 20 Minute CheckPoint Session Per Month

Months 2 – 12 | Focus on Mindset, Focus and Leverage with regular check-in points to keep you on track

Months 2-12 | Development of Personal Brand

Months 2 – 12 | Books and Resources customised to your needs

Months 2 – 12 | Access to On-Line Leadership Programs with all supporting templates and resources for the entire program

Months 2-12 | Free Membership to LHQ’s Events and Workshops plus partner Events

Months 2 – 12 | A connection and networking strategy to build your career or business

Throughout the Leadership Programs | Unlimited access to Sonia …. You will be my number one priority

Throughout the Program | Access to Sonia’s key contacts, mentors and experts

Your Outcomes

  1. Access to my cutting edge Online Leadership Programs
  2. Leadership and/or Board Strategy with clear outcomes
  3. Leadership Assessment
  4. Sonia’s Books and Journal
  5. Linkedin and Social Media Strategies and Actions
  6. Linkedin Profile and Brand Builder
  7. Mindfulness and Balance Techniques
  8. Profile and Interview in our Magazine
  9. Commercial white papers and extensive content
  10. Where applicable and appropriate, your book or LinkedIn profile development
  11. Where applicable and appropriate, your speaking or/and board career
  12. Access to incredible resources only available via exclusive programs
  13. Access to Sonia’s incredible network and contacts every month
  14. Access to exclusive events and workshops
  15. Your Plan for the next 12 months following the program to continue to leverage the business, goals, and career
  16. Absolute rock star confidence in who you are, what you have to say, and the right to take your place


Month 13-18

Webinars and Videos with my insights from conferences, mentoring and training around the world

Access to the Online Resource Centre and Magazine

Member’s Access to future workshops and events

Expert interview with me to showcase on social media

A One Page interview or Advertisement in my magazine which goes to 50,000 subscribers

Podcast Interview showcased on iTunes

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