7 Ways to Coach Others

Coaching in the workplace happens every day; there are many coaching opportunities during the daily interaction between leaders and their team members, and being a great leader means identifying and taking advantage of these moments to help…
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You don’t have to be a "Leader" to have a Coach

Asking for a Coach is truly courageous. Yesterday I was speaking with someone who said they had wanted to reach out to me about coaching however they felt it was just for leaders or executives. In turn, they felt working with me was unattainable.…
Trust to Improve Performance
Mark Bouris Show

Mark Bouris Show - Lessons Learnt

I am brave and courageous. I am and I need to be. I am a leader and entrepreneur. Yesterday I really put myself out there. I arrived at the Mark Bouris Show in Sydney to pitch some ideas around my company LeadershipHQ, building a tribe…

Rock It.

Watch this video where I talk about how to Rock It! Confidence, Self Belief and Courage truly matter. Today we need Confident Leaders. You are a leader. Focus on what makes YOU Rock! My ROCK It Manifesto is - I will make my world…
Giving a Crap

Art of Not Giving a Crap

How would it feel not to give a crap? This week I spoke with Jane Hall on Talking Lifestyle Radio about Why Not Giving a Crap Can Change Your World. Yes not giving a Crap. It is more challenging than you think. Where do I start? I feel…
Passion, It Matters

Passion. It Matters.

Passion, It Matters to me. This might be a shock to you but I am SO passionate about what I do. I am passionate about my coaching, keynote speaking, writing, leadership training and making a difference. Why? Easy. Leadership is my Why, Purpose,…