female leader

10 Traits of the Confident Female Leader

We all know confident women, confident female leader. They light up a room when they arrive and they always leave a positive impression. They seem to have an indefinable something that makes them special, and perhaps even inspiring. Very…
Confident Leader

10 Tips for being a Confident Leader

Being a confident leader can take a lot of courage and putting yourself out there. You’re not only expected to produce an extraordinary outcome but take a diverse group of people along with you. On top of that, your team is also expected…

Focus on what makes you rock

(every freakin’ minute, every day) Self-confidence is your best outfit: rock it and own it Only YOU matter. Focus on your talents, strengths, what you love, your passions, goals, dreams… Life is way too short not to focus on you. You…
Put yourself

Put yourself out there!

Let’s ignore the Tall Poppy Syndrome shall we? “If people are trying to bring you down it only means that you are above them.” I love this quote; doesn’t mean I feel like I am above anyone. However; I am over something. Have you heard…

Neuroscience of Faking It

One of the hottest catchphrases these days is the term, “faking it until you make it.” Despite its popularity, some people believe the saying is all about being an imposter. That couldn’t be further from the truth. “Faking it until…
Squashing Those ANTs